Know the Digital Nomad Behind the Blog

Hi! I’m Miko Eclipse. Thanks for stopping by.

Miko Eclipse is an aspiring full-time digital nomad who aims to travel the world while working. 

Learn from his experiences and tips. Or plainly laugh at his (frequent) mishaps as you check out the adventures of Miko around the world.

Before this, I was really busy in business. With all my time devoted to the financial bottom line.

And I mean ALL.

My weekends are for business. I miss important family dates. My friends don’t even invite me to hang out anymore (I wouldn’t go anyway).

I just was never there.

4-Hour Workweek

A little background. If you knew me back then, I don’t really like to travel for leisure. I just go if there is a business opportunity in it like seminars, client deals, and etc.

There was even this instance where we had business meetings in Baler, Aurora. I just went all out meetings and closing deals. ZERO RECREATION. I was so workaholic that I didn’t even know that that place was a surfing hub!

One weekend, I read the book “4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris. He illustrated the possibility of earning while living your dream life. This is not delayed gratification vs instant gratification. He was proposing that you can be in between. Again, living your dream life WHILE working.

It made me wonder. What do I really want in my life? Do I just want to toil through this seemingly endless cycle I’m stuck in?

The Turning Point: I Realized My Wanderlust.

After a few months, I went to my very first purely leisure trip to Japan. I was with my family and I thought it was just, well, a waste of time. But whatever. I just came along.

Here I got my AHA moment. I actually… liked the experience. I appreciated the sites. The people. THE FOOD?! I told myself, there is so much to see in the world. It allowed me to immerse in their culture. And I want more!

It dawned upon me, where else can I widen my worldview?

The answer: by actually seeing the whole world. This became my number one life goal: to travel around the world.

The New Me.

Mt. Taraw

Many people believe we should practice delayed gratification to get to our dreams (which is true in some way). But with today’s technology, you can live in your dreams while simultaneously working on-the-go. The rise of the Digital Nomad Era. Where you just need your trusty laptop and a reliable internet connection for income.

With this, I clamor to only get location independent sources of income. I may not get ultra rich. At the very least, maybe just enough income to sustain this traveling lifestyle.

But the experiences I get at a young age are far more precious than hoards of cash when I grow old. I don’t want to regret, especially that I know it’s possible. And slowly, I’m getting to the where I want to go. Both literally and figuratively.

Because if you’re gonna work anyway, why not around the world?