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Mobal Travel Sim Card for Japan: The Best Sim Card for Tourists as of Date!

Taking a trip out of the country is something you and I enjoy. The culture, the people, the food. It makes life interesting as you stand to see other people’s perspective.

But as much as possible, you want to be prepared when you get there. And one preparation all must have is an Internet connection!


Get Your Unlimited Data When Traveling to Japan HERE!


Internet Connection?! Are You a Social Media Addict?

And no, it’s not only for those enviable Instagram stories or status updates. Being in another country, sometimes it’s hard to know certain essential things in their culture.


Yes, you can research beforehand, but spur of the moment inquiries like “how do you say where to go to the toilet?”, “why did the Japanese driver felt infuriated when you gave a tip?”, or the “where the heck am I?!” questions.


This can simply be remedied with a Google search, Google Translate, or Google Maps search. But you don’t have Internet…


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Sim Card 1

Why Not Look for Free WIFI Instead?

Yes, you can do this. There are plenty of Internet spots in Japan. Just look for any convenience store and you will be connected.


The problem is, this connection is only for a limited time. And are you actually staying in a convenience store for long? What if you need to leave and can’t find another one?


To add, as a digital nomad, the need for a reliable Internet connection is a must.  And it can’t be reliable if you are only allowed a certain number of minutes per day. With that, I found the Best Travel Sim Card so far: Mobal Japanese Tourist Sim Cards


What’s the Difference?

Back then, data in Japan is super expensive (at least for me). That’s 3024 Yen for 3GB of Internet. And when you consume everything, you can reload for 1500 Yen for 500 MB and 3000 yen for 2GB. And don’t bother checking other options BECAUSE THIS IS THE CHEAPEST STORE-BOUGHT ONE!


I spent almost 10,000 Yen just for data the last time I traveled here. That could’ve been food in the Tsukiji Fish Market already.



Image Credit: Mobal.com

Mobal Sim Card to Save the Day!

Now, Mobal offers UNLIMITED DATA for a certain number of days.  




They currently have options for 8 Days, 16 Days, and 31 Days! You can even tether your phone for other devices. This is important because some of the Travel Sim Cards in Japan don’t allow that.


Sim Card 2

It’s plug and play as well. You just need to insert your Sim Card and key-in the APN in the instruction booklet (written in multiple languages) provided. You get a free drink coupon too!

Restart your phone and you are connected.


What’s the Catch?! Are You Paid by Mobal?

How I wish. I’m sharing this tip without compensation at all. I wouldn’t mind though. *ehem* Mobal *ehem* Hahaha!


Anyway, the catch is you can’t extend the date. You have to buy another Sim card if you wish for more days. Also, you might encounter slower speeds if you used up so much data in a day. I just can’t find the fine print. But below 3GB per day is usually the standard. So you can’t really stream a whole Netflix Series on UHD with this Sim card.


Lastly, the profits earned from this venture are donated to a charity called Seibo. They aim to feed future generations in various impoverished villages around the world (like Malawi). You are indirectly helping a just cause. How cool is that?


So what’s left is to enjoy the sites of Japan. And be guided on spur of the moment Google searches with Mobal’s Unlimited Sim! Click here to check it out.


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