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How to Become a Digital Nomad: THE SIMPLE ANSWER

I would like to introduce myself first. I’m Miko Eclipse (Serious. That’s my real surname). And I’m a Filipino Digital Nomad.

Yes, Digital Nomad. That elusive catch phrase for that hippie millennial who (almost) perpetually travels around the world. With the aid of a decent Internet Connection and your trusty Laptop, you can earn a living while on-the-go. Making the world your home address.

Is this even possible? This was the very same question I had after I read the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferris. (More about this on another post)

I want to travel the world but I don’t want to wait until I get ultra rich to afford it. Nothing against delayed gratification. But traveling the world at 40-60 years old? Nah.

No offense though if that’s your thing. But if there was a way to do it now while not jeopardizing your future finances, why not, right?!


You Need to find Location-Independent Income Sources

This may be a business or a job (or multiple sources of both) that you can FULLY OPERATE NOW (or when you decide to travel long-term) even if you are anywhere in the world. And I’m saying, something that wouldn’t die down even if you leave for 4 months straight or more to travel.

Currently, I have my freelance writing for my main source. I get paid by my clients thru bank transfer. I trade time for money pretty much like your normal job except it can be done anywhere.

And some side businesses and a Forex account (Shout out to my mentor: Nomad Finance Girl and MMM!) for extra. (Might elaborate this on another post.)

That’s it! That’s the boring how. No secret benefactor. No trust fund from my parents (I wish I have). No magical genie from a lamp. None.


Simple Doesn't Mean Easy

Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

If you think there is a magic formula, there is none. Disappointed? Don’t be. Because this simple answer means we all have a chance.

But simple doesn’t mean easy. What I can share in this page though are resources to help you become one.

And I will also share some travel tips and my foodie finds on this page. After all, it’s my real passion, traveling and eating really good food! Yey!


THe Answer is Simple_

My Aim for this Page: To Give You a Choice

I hope the resources I will give will help you become a Digital Nomad. I want to travel with interesting peooppllee!

But to tell you frankly, almost no Filipino (even foreigner friends at least in my circle) can travel like I do because of time and location constraints.

With this, at least I can give you a choice if you want to. And maybe someday, we can travel together as well.


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