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6 Things You Should Consider First Before Becoming a Digital Nomad

Being able to travel around the world is a dream for most people. I mean who wouldn’t want to experience different cultures, good food, meeting new friends, and so on and so forth.

And one way to achieve it now is to become a Digital Nomad. Basically, someone who earns income online by operating a business remotely or being contracted as a freelancer online.

But as a Digital Nomad myself, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies when you decide to become one. With that, here are things you should do first before becoming a Digital Nomad.



Do Expect to Go Solo Traveling

A lot of our friends are not really available to travel for long periods. Nothing wrong with that. But if you expect to grab a buddy to travel with, you will be disappointed.

Right now, do expect to go solo traveling. You might think that it’s lonely traveling alone. But you will be surprised that you can meet a lot of nice people around.

Actually, I can only count a few times when I was totally alone for a day. Open up and you might even get lifelong friends along the way.


Try it Out First

Try It Out First

And speaking of solo traveling, try it out first. This is not for everybody. Although, you say it’s for you. You will never know unless you try.

If you have long weekends or some free days where you can travel for a long period, try traveling alone and check if you enjoy it.

You don’t want to commit to something just because it’s good on paper or people would envy you. It must be something you truly like to do.

After all, it’s a lifestyle. Not a one-time thing.


Accessible Places First

Start with the Most Accessible Places First

Yes, Europe is great. Yes, Canada would be amazing. But if you’re gonna spend a fortune just to try out if you like the Digital nomad lifestyle. I suggest against it.

Why not start with something more accessible first? Like… the Philippines? People all over the world clamor to see our amazing beaches and mountains. Why can’t a Filipino local like you visit it first?

And if you’re not Filipino, why not start with the highlights of your country first? At least, there won’t be as much monetary commitment involved.

You Are Not on Vacation

Keep In Mind: You Are NOT on Vacation

The common misconception about working remotely is that we don’t do anything! We just savor the moment and travel as if we don’t have any care in the world. Unlimited Vacations, yes?! A big NO.

Sorry to disappoint you. When you’re a digital nomad, YOU ARE NOT ON VACATION. You have clients to give output too. You have a business you need to run. There is pressure!

There will be times where you are just stuck in your room or co-working space because you have deadlines to fulfill. This is the reason also why you travel long-term because most of the time you are working! HAHAHA!

And it’s fine. It’s a trade-off. But at least, I will rather be stressed in a poolside in Bali than traffic in EDSA.


Check Your Budget

Check Your Budget. What Kind of Traveler Are You?

You have to pinpoint if you are a bootstrapping digital nomad or one who wants luxury travel. Both are fine as long as your budget can take it. Check your cash flow. Can the money coming in sustain your target lifestyle?

If not, it’s either your adjust to a lower standard or find other sources of income.


Location Independent Income Sources

Find Multiple Location-Independent Sources of Income

So you have decided and you have been trying out solo traveling. This is not sustainable if you don’t have cash flow coming in. And NO your parents doesn’t count.

You need to find something to earn from without demanding you to physically be there. The easiest is finding a freelancing gig. Join groups like the following to find fellow freelancers and possible freelancing gigs.

And another shocker, people will not hire out of pity. If you don’t have any marketable skills yet, find the time to upskill yourself by buying udemy courses (They usually sell for just $10 each) or enrolling on specific ones.

You can even attend the coming Working Remote summit to get inspired and upgrade your skill level.

There are many ways to live a life of travel. I hope you break out from your limiting beliefs and excuses. Cheers to becoming a Digital Nomad!


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