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5 Places to Eat in Boracay

Boracay is known for its emerald waters and powdery white sands. I mean. It’s not part of Asia’s top 10 islands for nothing. And after the 6-month cleanup, you can now enjoy pristine beaches with more breathing space. (If you have been to Boracay before the cleanup, you know what I mean.)

But then, what’s the point of paradisiacal beaches without extremely good food! (Hahaha I know. Skewed Priorities!)

And Boracay didn’t disappoint. Here are 5 Places to eat your hearts out in Boracay. (From most expensive to dirt cheap.)


Two Seasons Oyster Sisig

Two Seasons Boracay Resort‘s Oyster Sisig and 4 Cheese Pizza

This may be common knowledge already, but it’s common for a reason. I was so intrigued by the Oyster sisig. It’s the first time I heard of such.

Luckily (or not so lucky), it rained so hard that I can only eat after work for that day. And yes, I missed Boracay’s sunset T.T.

And this was sooo good. You can really taste the ocean-y accents of the oyster coated in some starchy batter with egg yolk on top. It’s a better version (for me) of your typical sisig because well, who doesn’t love oysters? (If you don’t, I curse you.)

I haven’t tried the 4 Cheese Pizza because they don’t sell it per slice. I should’ve gathered the much-needed courage to buy one from the group at the other table who ordered the whole thing.

Don’t worry. Next time, I would. Hahaha!


I Love Backyard BBQ 1

I love Backyard BBQ’s Bulalo Steak

Everyone loves Bulalo. The sinful bone marrow stew with its silky and rich texture. Imagine that in steak form!

Honestly, I find it just alright at first. But when I savored the bone marrow part (Yes, I saved it for last), I suddenly remembered why I love Bulalo so much.


I Love Backyard BBQ 2

It’s like saying, “I worked so hard to eat healthily for this trip. I deserve this” *Flips the table* *Randomly shouts* Shut up. NO ONE CAN STOP ME. I’LL EAT THIS.” (Gets thrown out of the restaurant after.)



Nonie’s Fish and Prawn Curry

This one I was really surprised. Nonie’s advocates healthy organic food. They make everything from scratch. Sauces, marinades, everything.

But how can something so healthy be so damn good? I ordered the Fish and Prawn Curry.

I asked the lady if it’s the normal Filipino-based curry we are used to. She said it was. So I have really low expectations because I prefer Thai or Japanese curry.

No, it’s not. It resembles Thai curry coupled with Black rice and perfectly cooked fish and prawns. This is amazing!

You have the perfect excuse to eat everything. It’s healthy anyway, right?


Real Coffee and Tea 2

Real Coffee & Tea Cafe, Boracay Island‘s Calamansi Muffin

I’ve tried their muffins a few years back. So after eating so much, I decided to drop by.

My God! I remembered why we hoarded boxes of these little babies back in Manila. It may look normal. But don’t let it fool you.

Real Coffee and Tea 1

The citrusy taste is so refreshing with every bite. And the firmness is on point! If you are a calamansi lover, it’s a must try!


Chalet Tirol’s Liempo

For last, Chalet Tirol’s Inihaw na Liempo. Don’t let the name fool you though. This is a local karenderia near the City Mall. The first one you can see.

(I’M not even sure if that’s their name though. There was just a random lying signage in front of them with those words.)

I met a new friend in our hostel and she was raving about it. It’s the leanest Liempo she has eaten in the Philippines. True enough, it is!


Chalet Tirol - 2

To boot, you can eat a full meal here for less than a P 100 PHP. That’s dirt cheap for Boracay!

So there you have it! Have you tried these places? What else have you tried in Boracay that people should know about? Please comment them down below! (For my reference as well hahaha!)


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